Corona Aid Cleanups in Kenya

We help people in Kenya who are in financial need due to the corona crisis. The aid money is not a present, but is paid as an expense allowance for the collection of rubbish from water bodies. We combine poverty reduction and environmental protection with the project.

What is this project about?

The corona crisis is increasing unemployment, poverty and hunger worldwide. People who live in poor conditions and earn money only through casual jobs are often particularly hard hit by the economic consequences of the corona pandemic.
In Kenya many people live in poverty. The consequences of the corona crisis endanger the livelihoods of the poor population. Already before the corona crisis we carried out cleanups in Kenya and expressed our gratitude to the volunteers from poor backgrounds with a warm meal. Due to the corona crisis, poverty in Kenya is increasing further. [ b]We would therefore like to expand our activities in Kenya. Over an initially three-month period, we would like to carry out 60 cleanupsTo this end, we are working with teenagers and young adults who are in need of help. We will pay a fair daily wage as an expense allowance for the cleanup help. The cleanups will, of course, be carried out in accordance with the prescribed and necessary measures to control the pandemic.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The aim of the project is to help people in Kenya through the difficult time of the corona crisis and at the same time to implement our association's purpose - to reduce the littering of waters. Recipients of financial aid will be about 7 teenagers and young adults who live in poverty and have got into additional difficulties due to the corona crisis.
The selection of the aid recipients is made by a project coordinator on local level, who has already successfully organised and implemented actions for Sana Mare in the past. In order to ensure that the funds are used according to plan and reach those in need, the work is controlled by a person who is not financially involved in the project.

Why would you support this project?

Economic and ecological problems are often closely linked. A sustainable solution can therefore only be achieved if environmental protection and earning opportunities go hand in hand. The economic consequences of the corona crisis hit people in poverty hardest. Now is the time for solidarity with the poor people in Africa. This is a great opportunity to combine financial support with active environmental protection. By supporting the project, people in need benefit as much as nature .

How will we use the money? 

A cleanup with seven participants costs about 9,000 Kenya shillings. That is equivalent to about 80€. The money is used to pay for transport and travel costs, protective masks and disinfectants, gloves, garbage bags, waste disposal fees, insurance and a fair daily wage.If we receive less than the target of 4.800€, we reduce the amount of clean-up work or the number of people in the team. If we receive more, we will increase the number.


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